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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Why the slides are NOT of a Roswell alien by Nick Redfern



  • Also, one should take note of what is underneath the body - many months ago we were told the body rested atop a green US Army blanket, but I can't see any reason to assume the blanket is related to the Army at all. In fact, absolutely nothing about this scene suggests military involvement. To me, it looks like a temporary commercial display.

    As for the body, it reminds me of only one thing I've ever seen in photographs; it is very similar to Otzi, the 5,000 year old mummified remains of a human that were discovered underneath a glacier in Switzerland back in 1991.

    By Blogger CommanderCronus, at Thursday, May 07, 2015  

  • Et tu, Nick? Richard Dolan's take on the slides and the brouhaha: http://www.kgraradio.com/dolans-latest-post-on-the-roswell-slides/

    By Blogger vimanaboy, at Thursday, May 07, 2015  

  • Has anyone, yes ANYONE, got anything positive to say regarding these slides? Is anyone willing to promote them as genuine photos of ETs? I exclude Messrs Carey and Schmitt, but even they cannot or will not, it seems, come down positively on them. Also, when is Tony Bragalia finally going to give us his words of wisdom?

    By Blogger cda, at Thursday, May 07, 2015  

  • What a disappointing end to this case. All these months and years of hype for nothing. I'm glad I didn't pay any money to watch this fiasco. It's events like this that make the study of UFOs and Roswell a fringe topic.
    And as Nick points out, the body in the image is still unique in terms of proportions and features. I do think it warrants further study. However, I have a feeling that the head may not belong to the body. Nick is probably right, this is a photo of some sideshow attraction.

    I do want Tony's opinion on this matter. I also want to hear what Don and Tom have to say for themselves.

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Thursday, May 07, 2015  

  • Does ufology of it's version of a "witness protection" program?

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Thursday, May 07, 2015  

  • Daniel,

    What's disappointing is that this isn't some isolated anomaly within Ufology.

    This IS Ufology.

    Tons of believers stood by piously hoping that this might be something to raise their religion.

    And this incident was perpetrated by what we have been told are the best researchers on the topic (likely true--considering the worthless topic)!

    Why in God's name would you now want to hear from the most exaggerating, unreliable, silly and despicable part of the whole story?


    By Blogger Lance, at Thursday, May 07, 2015  

  • I have respect for some of those involved including Anthony Bragalia. Maybe there is something I am missing in terms of this story- but it seems more obvious than ever that this is a mummy of some kind. On a display with other displays.

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Thursday, May 07, 2015  

  • > I have respect for some of those involved including Anthony Bragalia.

    Braglia is delusional to a pathological degree. Clearly, the slide was of a child mummy (the Coast to Coast pic makes it even more clear than before). Braglia went on and on that he had seen the hi-res slide and it could NOT be a mummy. Others were perpetrating a con, but I think Braglia really wanted this to be an alien.

    AJB has no credibility whatsoever. He is not able to discern reality from his beliefs.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Thursday, May 07, 2015  

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