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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kevin Randle on AF Bluebook shut-down

This is Kevin Randle pictured in Argosy UFO magazine, January 1977 [Volume 2, Number 1]:
His article on Page 38 ff. was Air Force Closes Its Bluebook.

The documents pictured were shown to substantiate his accounts of several interesting and unexplained UFO events/sightings that were meaty but seemingly ignored by the Air Force except to note the accounts in the BB files, often following up months later, losing valuable evidence or data.

One sighting by a NASA employee (named "Kincaid" to protect his identity) in January 1969, classified as "unidentified" by BB, recounts a UFO that is described in a way that suggests dirigible or blimp to me with the witness having an hysterical reaction to it.

However, Mr. Randle's point is that the Air Force never really pursued the matter seriously, as they didn't with several other "sightings" noted [a 1967 sighting by Ray Rosi who shined his car lights on a UFO and seemed to get a response  and a man, named Lanning, who in 1967 spotted a UFO after his car stalled and he got out to check the reason.]

There are other reports, listed as "Unidentified" that Randle insists the UFO neglected to investigate thoroughly, hiding details of the sightings (often with corroborating witnesses) in the BB files, with that throwaway: "unidentified."

Blue Book was a sham (or even a scam), as we all surmise nowadays.

This 1977 Randle article made that inference. It's almost too late to sort the UFO wheat from the BB chaff but it's still possible to contact some of those who had, what seem to be, legitimate sightings of unknown or strange things in the sky to see if there is enough residue to make the case that UFOs of a serious kind were all over the place, but the United States Air Force didn't really investigate to find out what they were.

Or did they?



  • Kevin later wrote Project Blue Book Exposed (1997). I've only read the chapter about the Hills' original report (no aliens, no abduction), and his critique of the AF investigation is firm but fair.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Sunday, June 28, 2015  

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