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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

UFOs: A Real Dialectic Mess

At Kevin Randle's blog, and here, plus at a few other UFO venues, the dialogue (postings and commentary) have turned rancid.

Vitriol, vituperation, and venomous dialectic have taken hold, to the point that skunks have rid the UFO landscape of anything decent and worth reading.

Larry, Joel, and Brian Bell (at Kevin's blog), along with Lance and even David Rudiak are getting creamed for their approach to ufological discussion.

Kevin has (finally) clamped down on the viciousness (lately) rampant at his generally moderate venue.

And I have tempered, somewhat, the goings-on here. (Zoam Chompsky still rattles some but he'll take it easier from now on I suspect).

Lance has never been overly mischievous here, nor has anyone else for that matter actually, and I'm keen to see such things.

But the discourse has become barbaric surely, and one can only tamp it down for a short while as the back-and-forths have a tendency to boil up anew, as is always the case with Ufology, a place where ego replaces scholarship and intellectualism.

I censor and censure those who go too far, or whom I don't like for some reason.

But those whom I do like get a kind of carte blanche so long as they don't get obscene, libelous, or overly psychotic.

Discourse, in many disciplines (academic, scientific, political, religion, et cetera) often go over the top.

UFO enthusiasts are grown up (or pretend to be) so I hope all mentioned here will stay on, temper their tempers, and provide edification rather than effluvia.

Otherwise this blog, and Kevin's (plus those few others) will be dismissed, more than they are now, by the more reasonable in the UFO community, as few they may be.



  • Rich,

    I almost wish certain individuals would wake up some "dead gods" [as mentioned in your dada post] or discover live aliens [of course there is never a grey around when you really need 'em ;-)]. the results would be illuminating for them as their brand of science borders on "give a man a match and he has light for a few moments, but light a man on fire and he'll have light as long as he lives [which won't be long]."

    I'm not much interested in pissing contests-- they don't prove anything except what a pisser a person can be. It does not prove they are smart or that they are right. Give me a discussion, information, evidence, proof, or even reasoned speculation [not to be confused with unprovable conspiracy theories] and I'll be happy.

    Bullying, name calling or abusive behavior does not advance the topic under discussion and frankly I don't see much point in talking to someone that behaves that way.


    By Blogger Joel Crook, at Tuesday, June 02, 2015  

  • "I almost wish certain individuals would wake up some "dead gods" "

    ...I assure you both, I am not asleep...

    By Blogger Loki, at Tuesday, June 02, 2015  

  • I just swept out the floors on my cozy blog site. Yes, it's skeptic leaning, but I minister to all "faiths" in the hope of guiding some (and myself) to intellectual righteousness.

    Wine and a loaf of bread...

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Tuesday, June 02, 2015  

  • Yes...Tim:

    A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread -- and Thou


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, June 02, 2015  

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