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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Prometheus: Are the Ancient Astronaut theorists on to something?

TheTimes Literary Supplement [June 26th, 2015] had an article, by Natasha Randall, reviewing Georgian [the country] fiction [In defence of otherness].

Ms. Randall’s review(s) open with this:

“ … the Georgian myth of Amirani. He was the hero who lost his challenge against the god of gods in a contest of strength and was chained to a mountain in the Caucasus as punishment … In captivity, he is given a winged dog who licks at his chains while birds peck at his body. No scholar can say for sure whether Amirani or Prometheus is the original of this story – indeed, there are at least forty-four variants across the Caucasus mountain range. And, further afield, apart from the Greeks, the Azeris and Armenians all vociferously lay claim to the myth of the mountain captive.” [Page 20, TLS]

The Classical Tradition [The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press Reference Library, Cambridge, MA, and London, 2010] notes  [Page 785 ff.] the Prometheus myth as told by the Greeks (Hesiod, Aeschylus, Ovid) and the extrapolations by others (Fulgentius, Sandys, Bacon, Voltaire, Goethe, Herder, Nietzsche, Shelley, Wollstonecraft, Gide).

The myth, as you know, tells how Prometheus gave fire (and technology) to humans and Zeus condemned him to be bound to a rock and perpetually tortured by an eagle (who pecked at his liver).

My point is that the Prometheus myth, like that of Noah’s flood, is ubiquitously told by many cultures – not connected linguistically or geographically or culturally – portrays an inherent historical truth, one that resides in the collective unconscious of humankind.

Something happened to ancient mankind that provoked the Prometheus or Amirani myth, and inside that myth resides the detail that some “hero” gave mankind advancements that upset the gods (or immortals), but helped humans move forward evolutionarily, at least “technologically.”

Isn’t that what Ancient Astronaut theorists keep telling us, with their “heroes” being extraterrestrials or galactic aliens?

Can we discount, then, the AA speculation(s) out of hand?



  • Interesting!
    Humans have always been controlled by an ancient civilization.
    When they interact with us, they pretend to be gods.
    Our messing with nuclear forces scares them. They abduct
    a few folks when it suits them. There's no way to figure it all out,
    because we don't understand their motives and their behavior seems crazy.
    They demanded gold and blood. What does that mean?


    By Blogger edward gehrman, at Sunday, July 12, 2015  

  • ``...portrays an inherent historical truth...``

    Not really. The collective 'mind' can conflate and deduce its way to conclusions about its condition. That doesn't mean that it's so much a recalling of 'historical' events as it is merely an observation as to how things ARE NOW. You're looking in the past for something that is all around you.

    By Blogger Parakletos, at Sunday, July 12, 2015  

  • Parakletos...

    You have no idea how the collective unconscious works.

    The past resides inside each of us and shows up in myths and stories as noted.

    You write, "You're looking in the past for something that is all around you." That doesn't make sense at all.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, July 12, 2015  

  • How ancient man interpreted his environment is different than the present day quest for answers to "mysteries." True, man has always been intuitive, but hampered by what was known and his investigative abilities at a given point in history.

    "Heroes" of ancient lore always seem to defy the gods, thus encountering the wrath of the gods. This theme is what makes the story interesting. If it were merely a story of conformity, we would probably not give it much notice.

    I refer to the studies by Julian Jaynes as you and I have discussed (briefly) in the past. Briefly, ancient man could do nothing on his own as he was merely a puppet to the whims and amusement of the gods. We see the same story line in the Old Testament. BTW, all of those "heroes" had a hell of a time being non-conformist. Even that bedrock of conformity and righteousness, Job, did not fare too well.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Monday, July 13, 2015  

  • Tim:

    While I eschew the idea that extraterrestrials helped early mankind -- not an impossibility but an improbability I base on my feeling that Earth is not significant in the great Universe scheme -- when various cultures create myths that come from without a confluence of language, societal interactions, or contact, one has to assume, intellectually, that the myths derive from a real historical event, as the Prometheus/Amirani tale implies.

    Maybe there were gods interacting with humans at one time.

    The rebellious nature of mankind, early one, stems from the existential dilemma that intrudes on man's minds: why are we here and why do we suffer for being here?

    A review of Jung's collective unconscious and Freud's ideas about innate instincts should be part and parcel of those who follow the AA theories and/or the purpose and meaning of life.

    That few do that is what makes the simplistic alien agenda of ET advocates so prominent: it's a banal, easy way to explain humankind's being or evolutionary thrusts.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, July 13, 2015  

  • "Maybe there were gods interacting with humans at one time."

    "Ancient Alien Theory" and all the guys defending it are simply a modern negationism of "Mankind" and "Humanism". As "UFO" is a modern myth, Religion.

    It is simply a microcosm of "ignorants" who regard the ancient world(s) with the filter of "UFO"," Gods" and ignoring that "old men" shared the same cognitive apparatus and brain as them/us. Ancient Alien theorists are such a shame regarding Mankind in Gilles Fernandez Humble Opinion (GFHO).
    Decades will remember "UFO-Skeptics".



    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Monday, July 13, 2015  

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