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Friday, August 07, 2015

Ball Lightning (or a UFO knocked out of the sky?)

Rare Phenomena Lover (Jean) sent along a video of a possible ball lightning falling from thunderstorm cloud:


The ball lightning, which appears at the 34 second mark (on the middle, right side of the video) may be enormous, Jean conjectures, as the thunderstorm is "a few kilometres away."

I'm not sure what Jean is suggesting but commentary might assuage the curiosity. (The UFO angle is mine.)



  • Nice post. The second video that comes up is even better than the first.

    Ball lighting seems to be its own catch all of UAPs and

    I had a first person(s) report from my own aircrew of one of basket ball size that penetrated the aircraft, a KC-135, cockpit between the pilots and "rolled" through and exited through the rear without damage. It was not seen approaching, it just appeared inside and moved rearward.

    In heavy weather we would commonly get small amounts of St.Elmo's fire, outside mainly around the windscreen and sometimes on the wing. Never saw any in great amounts or any inside the aircraft or outside on other aircraft we refueled.


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Saturday, August 08, 2015  

  • Brian, thanks for providing your experience on crew. I've been looking at the Minot 1968 case (see my blog) and the thought of ball lightning has come up with me and others as this was one of Blue Books possible explanations. But, I'm not quiet convinced based on eye witness testimony. Yet, ball lightning would provide a feasible answer for the B-52 radar capture.

    Thanks again,


    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Saturday, August 08, 2015  

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