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Monday, August 10, 2015

The November 22, 1966 Willamette UFO

I came across this sighting in our archives and tried to find out more on the net, but the search only provided a few scant references, one from our friend Isaac Koi.

This is a link to a rather thorough paper by Irwin Wieder on the sighting and photo(s) of the UFO:


Relevant comments and/or info is more than welcome.



  • LOL very interesting. One will never have trouble finding "investigators" willing to supply UFO science to any blurry photo.
    This was some great work and testament to how shitty UFO evidence is.


    By Blogger Lance, at Monday, August 10, 2015  

  • Results like that are as relevant to ufology as the kid at Bad Axe. The ones that get away are the ones that become lore. Isn't that the case? It implies that whatever percentage we favour for 'residue' can be whittled down some more.

    Without Weider's persistence, we'd have a strong case with a high credibility-factor based on that golden PhD background. We like our ufologists to be scientists and it's credibility-squared when the witness is too.

    The dismissal by the AF major is similarly relevant to how UFO sighting reports get handled. Just because that image *could* have been done by three Frisbees was enough for it to be dismissed as a hoax. Doc Hartmann might have ignored the image because he'd had enough after the Colorado Project.

    Simultaneously, what was the stimulus that caused the witness to draw that saucer-shaped object? How might he have understood why he had a memory of seeing a craft? Was it back-filling memory? The witness report was completed five years after the photo was taken. It does highlight how credible, truthful witnesses can still be making up a memory.

    Yeah, the paper is a cool cross-section of how ufologists and skeptics can go astray through bias. Likewise PhDs and vet status doesn't protect anyone from false memories and misperceptions.

    By Blogger Kandinsky, at Tuesday, August 11, 2015  

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