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Monday, August 17, 2015

The Plate in My Head is a Government Plot: Visions of the Eschaton in UFO Conspiracy Theory by Carol Matthews

For those inclined to UFO esoterica:

A Carol Matthews paper



  • Poor Chuck’s head was turned by Berlitz and Moore’s Philly Experiment whereas we know it was a hoax. Despite being a hoax, Allen managed to include themes that have ensured people still believe in it today. Berlitz et al farmed similar narrative fruit and influenced people like Chuck and myself insofar as Bermuda Triangle was a well-read book of my youth. It was an epiphany when the idea dawned that it was narrative fiction applied to some historical incidents – imaginative BS. Chuck’s belief system is/was unwittingly founded on fiction and we all need to be cautious about that in our own estimation of the field.

    It’s impossible to quantify the level of belief that’s been nurtured by the works of paranormal writers. A good political writer can nudge their local electorate so it isn’t something confined to UFO believers*. Nevertheless, the majority of interested folk haven’t arrived there by critically reading reports; they’ve been borne aloft on the hot air of ‘aliens and conspiracy’ proponents. We could ask if such writers should be taken to task for filling people’s heads with nonsense. Would it be fair though? Berlitz and Allen were ‘meme-wranglers’ of a high order, but so many others seem to half-believe their own BS. Maybe these spreaders of dangerous memes are modern day Typhoid Marys?

    By Blogger Kandinsky, at Tuesday, August 18, 2015  

  • Paranormal writers, political writers, and almost every writer, Kandinsky, have an agenda, as you intuit.

    Berlitz, Moore, et al., in the fringe region of life, gull readers into accepting a false reality they concoct.

    Are they scammers or persons with a pathological disorder that makes them think what they proffer as fact or reality is true, to a large extent.

    I watched Berlitz, doing interviews in his heyday and, even then, he struck me as a bit off-kilter.

    We saw the same kind of pathology during the Roswell slide fiasco and its aftermath, some of the persons involved actually not psychologically whole.

    The world today is full of persons with mental aberrations or, sometimes, unethical personae (also a mental aberration).

    And the paranormal world (the UFO community a focal point) attracts many of the quacks and mentally unstable.

    Why that is should be grist for study, but professionals (psychiatrists, sociologists, neurologists, et cetera) are loath to get involved as the problem doesn't really affect mainstream society, that society fraught with other issues more problematical.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, August 18, 2015  

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