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Monday, August 31, 2015

What will the Alien Astronaut theorists do with this?



  • Another great example, along with the "octopuses have alien DNA", of why scientists need to be careful when they talk to regular news sources. Obviously, when this guy said "encrypted information" he didn't mean "encrypted WRITING," but the mystery mongers will be able to spin it that way the gullible masses.

    By Blogger Scott Hamilton, at Monday, August 31, 2015  

  • I am convinced this is a depiction of the aliens who place the 13,000 year old "black night" into earth's orbit. NOT!!! What rubbish...

    By Blogger Brian Bell, at Monday, August 31, 2015  

  • ``Russian experts think that the strange carvings may contain a belief system, the equivalent of the Bible‚Äôs Genesis.``


    Now that is interesting. I wish that they would have given the names of these 'experts' and at least a tease or two about what leads them to such a conclusion...

    By Blogger Parakletos, at Monday, August 31, 2015  

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