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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Eric Wargo and The Great Unknown

If you think you're a brilliant expositor of UFOs and its attendant mysteries, let me disabuse you of that idea.

Hie thee to Eric Wargo's blog -- TheNightShirt.com -- where you will see edifying intellectualism and grand thinking on a scale unknown in UFO literature.

Eric's current posting -- Altered States of Reading (Part 1): VALIS, Vallee, and Vaal -- is an example of what "ufology" lacks.

He also alludes to ILLUMINATIONS: The UFO Experience as a Parapsychological Event [Paperback – August 17, 2015] by Eric Ouellet (Author), Jenny Randles (Foreword), Mr. Ouellet another UFO writer I hold in high esteem.

If "ufology" only consisted of thinkers/writers of this caliber, the "discipline" wouldn't be excoriated as it is.



  • Yeah Rich glad to see you recommending Eric and Eric, they are both lights in the darkness that is the ufology circus. And Ouellet's book is one I am looking forward to reading. Eric & Eric, funny that.

    I cannot recommend their respective blog writings highly enough.

    By Blogger Lawrence, at Friday, September 11, 2015  

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