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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Nick Redfern on "Rosemary's Baby" -- No, it's not his...




  • Perhaps the old devilish movie is the supernatural equivalent of the Ouija Board for some people - watch it and you begin to see bizzare unexplainable things.

    Sell that message to draw ticket sales for a Halloween horror festival and you'ld probably make some dough.

    And.....correlate some aspects of these claims and what can one conclude?

    - Aliens have black eyes.

    - Children in Black have black eyes.

    - Aliens, Men in Black, and Children in Black read minds and thoughts, and can apparantly influence human thoughts.

    - All three can vanish instantly as well as appear from no where.

    - None of the three often speak directly from their mouths.

    - Two wear all black clothing and hide their faces (sunglasses and hoods); aliens won't come out publically and all three collectively prefer elusive and hidden behavior.

    - Men in Black knock on doors after a presumably alien UFO sighting; Children in Black knock on doors after a viewing of a film with a demonic story line.

    - Shadow Men, those squat like or sometimes tall ghosts that appear and disappear in haunted houses, are all black and completely elusive.

    - Many Shadow Men, regardless of height, appear to wear black robes with hoods pulled over the head.

    What's the message here, if anything?

    By Blogger Brian Bell, at Saturday, October 03, 2015  

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