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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Nick Redfern’s new Men in Black book: A Consideration

Nick Redfern’s follow up to his 2011 hot seller The Real Men in Black is Men in Black: Personal Stories & Eerie Adventures [Lisa Hagen Books, 2015, paperback] and sells for $13.49 at Amazon and other book sellers.

The new MIB book contains experiences and observations from 31 UFO personalities, paranormalists, and regular folks. Among the names known to you are Brad Steiger, Micah Hanks, and Chris Knowles, but don’t let the lesser known names slip by. Their stories are fascinating and weird and told without guile.

(I’ll be presenting here, upcoming, some of the MIB stories from the book.)

This book is an addendum to Nick’s previous effort and fleshes out the MIB phenomenon even further, as Nick’s journalistic work does with all the subjects he tackles.

If you are entranced by the MIB appearances in UFO lore, you have to have or read this book.

Moreover, all of us who are addicted to the UFO phenomenon in all its facets should buy, to support, those, like Nick, who work diligently to clarify the fringe items that impact our reality.

Nick and a few others do real investigation and journalism which should supplant the frass that passes for UFO research.

Buying/supporting the work of the real investigators will surely cleanse the ufological palate.

So buy the book. You will be enlightened and edified in ways that will enhance your paranormal life and you’ll encourage work that really means something.



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