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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nick Redfern deals with the Ramey memo and "victims of the wreck" (and he's not writing about the persons commenting at Kevin Randle's blog)



  • Yes I agree. As I have posted on Kevin's blog before, the search for documentation should be done inside government contractor's files - specifically the aerospace industry, if it were even possible.

    Of course there seems to be little interest in that suggestion by Roswellians. After all, they have a government agency conspiracy myth to maintain.

    By Blogger Brian Bell, at Thursday, November 12, 2015  

  • Is Nick really saying that this "Special Access Program" that he refers to might account for what happened at Roswell 68 years ago?

    Weren't the GAO supposed to dig out all this kind of thing when they delved into it in 1995?

    Personally I do not believe any such program would still be top secret after all this time? But I agree it makes a better alternative to the crashed ET craft idea, which some people cling onto for dear life.

    And that Ramey memo? I predict that nothing definite will EVER be obtained from microscopic examination of it. For all I know it is a vital missing page from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    By Blogger cda, at Saturday, November 14, 2015  

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