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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Ramey memo re-emerges, but a caveat….,

Isaac Koi has provided a venue, at AboveTopSecret.com, where Roswell/Ramey buffs can see various scans of the Ramey memo (provided to me by Jose Caravaca):

The purpose is to allow others to try their hand(s) at decipherment or, at least, offer suggestions of interpretation of its content.

But let me put this forward…

A New Yorker piece by Adam Gopnik [11/30/15, Spooked, Page 84 ff.] about science and its fallibilities or waywardness has a paragraph (Page 86) about Vulcan, the oft promoted planet allegedly lying between Mercury and the Sun:

“As Thomas Levenson explains in “The Hunt for Vulcan “ (Random House), nineteenth- century astronomers were so in love with the idea of the missing planet that many of them, bewitched by random shadows, insisted they had seen it [Vulcan] through their telescopes. Only in 1915, when Einstein emerged with a new interpretation of the perturbations (something to do with gravity as space-time curvature), could astronomers stop ‘seeing’ what wasn’t there.”


  • Excellent point.

    In Roswell Revisited, published in 2007, Randle argued that people only saw the word "VICTIM" in the Ramey memo if they had been primed to think of a UFO context (he conducted an experiment to test this thesis, which was published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 2002).

    Perhaps it should be called the Rorschach memo?

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Tuesday, December 01, 2015  

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