UFO Conjecture(s)

Monday, January 19, 2015

We are living in a Matrix – not The Matrix but A Matrix

At my Facebook media page, I’ve taken to task Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and other internet entities that use we who sign up as fodder for their advertising aims.

We provide personal information for “free” access but have no way to contact those in charge of the sites named, to address issues or correct errors.

It reminds me of Charles Ives short musical piece The Unanswered Question where druids (us) plead with the gods for answers but nothing – not a sound, not a response of any kind – is forthcoming.
The druids (us) get more and more hysterical until the piece ends in dead silence, a recognition that we are alone – there are no gods or they ignore us at their whim and pleasure.

And this is how it is and has been with the UFO phenomenon: we devotees have been asking questions, of each other and those in authority, for about seventy years, and no one has provided a response, except those duplicitous entities who are fearful of UFOs or who have something to hide from those of us (the UFO druids, acolytes of the UFO phenomenon).

We have all gotten more and more hysterical over the years, probing governments and so-called UFO experts, to no avail.

For some reason the minor UFO matrix is abound with circumlocution, from UFO witnesses, UFO “researchers,” and those in government(s) who’ve made everyone afraid to tell what they really know, fearful of vague reprisals or societal whiplash: those who have a UFO experience must be loony.

This minor, man made UFO matrix has been convoluted by charlatans – researchers using hypnosis to dredge up observations (or alleged abductions) and those who try to capitalize on the phenomenon for personal gain or glory.

The real UFO Matrix is more vast and interesting. But a UFO matrix, such as I present here, is palpable and depressing, as it’s man-made and controlled by forces unconscious or malevolent yet seemingly insurmountable by most of us.

We are being defeated, or held at bay, by ignorant people and constructs, much as those swelling social media are being defeated by mercenary forces and greed.

Can we escape the matrix – the man-made matrix – so we might get at the UFO Matrix?

I’m thinking not, as humanity and society are getting dumber by the day, by the hour actually, and UFO mavens are dumber than most.