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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A 1968 UFO event with symbols and beings (from Jose Antonio Caravaca)

Cootamundra, NSW 1968

C lives at Cootamundra and has done most of his life. Now 63 years old, in his early years, he used to work as a cleaner on night shift at the Cootamundra railway station, cleaning out carriages. In 1968, he was working in one of the carriages, mopping the aisle, when he noticed one side of the night sky as brighter than the rest. So he leaned over so he could see up at a greater angle and saw a strange sight.

At first he thought a plane was coming in to land. C reports that a silent and motionless object he describes as circular, with a symmetrical top and bottom, hung in the air at a close enough height for him to make out a number of obvious shapes.

First, he noticed that the bottom of this ‘saucer-like’ object had a different shape to the top. The bottom had a central object resembling a 44 gallon drum protruding downwards and that this shape moved up and down – in and out of the main body. As it did so, the strange lights that emanated from it changed colours through the spectrum.

The top section had a clear dome of sorts in which there appeared two ‘beach ball’ shaped transparent balls which hovered inside the machine. It was at this point that I interrupted him to ask how he could have seen such things detailed from the ground if they were at the top of the object. His reply was straightforward; “That’s puzzled me for years – it’s as if I was in the carriage, but somewhere closer at the same time”

C went on to describe markings which he drew in a sketch. These markings were on what might otherwise be described as the fuselage.
 C then described 5 beings of different descriptions. Apparently, he was met with two very different types of creature that seemed to be just like humans in most respects. But one was set apart from the others. His appearance differed in that his head seemed elongated from the eyes up – so his cranium was extended.

Again, I asked how this was possible. His response was that he felt there was only one answer – that he had somehow been ‘Taken’. The smaller individuals were using equipment that he could not describe until only a few years ago. The reason was that there were no comparisons to make until current technology made palm readers and postal delivery signatures on an electronic screen an everyday affair.

All of this seemed to take only a few seconds and C instantly ran screaming to the station master to bear witness to this thing. After ‘shirt-fronting’ the station master and practically dragging him out to the carriage where C was working, lo and behold there was nothing to see.

The stationmaster gave a singular shake of the head and it was not mentioned again – until he finally got sick of denial and spoke to us."