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Friday, February 06, 2015



I'm not interested, but you might be: the Kodak slides body

This is a video-capture (enhanced?) of the body pictured in the Kodachrome slides (provided by Ross Evans):
David Rudiak refers to the placard over at Kevin Randle's blog.

And the slides being worked on:
(Place your mouse over the image and click to see a larger image)

This image belies what I and Nick Redfern were told way back when: Bernerd Ray stumbled upon the Roswell incident (with his geology team) and snapped, surreptitiously, a photo of the body (which was partially covered (the genital area) by an army blanket.

This is an exhibit.

But you make you own evaluation, as I don't want to give ammunition to those who deride my posting of anything about the slides while they fill their blogs and sites with all the slide stuff they can gather.


What UFO devotees want to see and discuss

This notation of this blog's readership (or hits) during the Kodak slides brouhaha indicates that many UFO-interested persons want to indulge in the Roswell or Kodachrome alien slides controversy.

But will some UFO buffs allow them that "enjoyment"?