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Sunday, February 08, 2015

The best image of the Kodachrome alien, so far (from Michael Mu)


The Kodak Slides: “Wait and See”?

Anthony Bragalia and a few others, such as Tim Hebert, insist we should all “wait and see” what happens with the Kodachrome Roswell/alien slides presentation, May 5th of this year.

It seems many of us can’t do that – not me, not Kevin Randle, not David Rudiak, not Lance Moody, not a lot of us.

We seem inclined to work over the material that has leaked and been seen by more people than Mr. Bragalia and his Team indicated the past year or so.

A gaggle of people have had access to the slides or information about them.

Those of us out of the loop have been required to piece together snippets of info and gossip, while the less adventurous among UFO buffs plead for us to “wait and see.”

This has always been a problem with “ufology”: there are those who want to be seen as keepers of the keys (communicants privy to UFO materials that the rest of us peons can’t see, until they okay the release of what they have already mucked over among themselves).

The slides circus has undermined a “wait and see” position, as so much twaddle has been presented the past two weeks that a “wait and see” attitude is ludicrous.

UFO buffs have a right and an obligation to get at the truth of the matter now; truth is not a “wait and see” thing, as I noted for Tim Hebert.

“Wait and see” is for suckers.

If we can “prove” the efficacy of the slides now or their falsity, we are purposed to do so.

Truth is not to be delayed or denied, and I assume Paul Kimball and others would agree.

The slides imbroglio is secondary to the UFO phenomenon, but it is integral to Roswell, one way or another it seems.

And Roswell is the linch-pin of ufology, and has been for a long time, as silly as that is among skeptics and real UFO aficionados.

So, don’t proffer a “wait and see” attitude upon us, UFO procrastinators.

We want answers now, not later – and just because some of you have had access to the slides and their supposed forensics, don’t try to keep the rest of us in the dark.

Truth waits for no man.