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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why can't we be discussing this "alien" (in my world)

The Kodak image (a simulation?) in color (and compared to the previous real Kodachrome slide offering) from Gilles Fernandez

French UFO researcher Gilles Fernandez offered these colorized images and comparison in a link for a comment at the Adam Dew material posting here:
Mouse over image and click to see photo(s) larger.

But the colorized images don't seem to be of the same "being" shown in the sepia toned photo from the actual Kodoachome slide.

I think Monsieur Fernandez is mucking around here.


The interest in the Kodachrome "Roswell/alien" slides?

Despite the call for surcease in the Kodak slides story (or circus to some), one can see from the visitors to this blog that UFO folks are intrigued by the controversial topic:
(Mouse over image and click to see it larger.)

The story, as messy as it has become, still resonates like no other in the UFO pantheon of tales, because Roswell is allegedly involved?

We UFO bloggers are loath to keep at the story but here it is, important, in one way or another, for skeptics, ET believers, UFO buffs generally, and UFO quidnuncs.

Let's hope it dies down soon as it is time-consuming and irrelevant to the UFO phenomenon itself; it really is.