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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Desire to Debunk and Fuck with People: The Slides Imbroglio

Pressing Adam Dew for proof of a college degree is off the mark and ridiculous.

His work is what counts not what schooling he’s had or hasn’t had.

Examine his output, and criticize that if you must.

As for Gilles Fernandez’ museum cacophony to disprove the Kodachrome slides images (or alleged “alien” pictured), that’s what Gilles does: debunk, vibrantly, anything that smacks of an attempt to show UFOs and UFO accoutrements as extraterrestrial.

Gilles is livid when it comes to an idea of ETs visiting the Earth.

His sojourns at his web-site and his visitations to UFO blogs and web-sites here are rife with incomprehensible refutations that one has to take with a grain of salt.

Gilles is not objective, nor does he have the open mind of a searcher for truth: he is a hardened skeptic who throws everything he can find at those who even suggest that UFOs might be examples of extraterrestrial visitation.

I don’t see the Kodachrome slides as evidence of a Roswell crash or an alien [ET] body, nor do I think UFOs come from galaxies far, far away.

But that doesn’t mean the idea of ET visitation is impossible; improbable for me, but not impossible.

Throwing tepid water on UFOs and now the Kodachrome slides we are dealing with is a thing that swells Gilles’ ego, nothing more.

He has been discredited by his countrymen in the past and by me and others recently for his Airship nonsense.

But I like him, and so do the UFO skeptics in the UFO community here; Gilles is funny and very French, like Monsieur Hulot.

But let’s not give him more publicity than he deserves.