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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Kodachrome Roswell/Alien Slides: Provenance

I found, from the original news about the so-called Roswell slides, the Bernerd/Hilda Ray connection to be interesting.

But now we learn that the slides, while ostensibly found in Hilda Ray’s home, cannot be definitely tied to Hilda or Bernerd Ray, as Kevin Randle also notes at his blog.

Circumstantially, one can assume (and the operative word is “assume”) that the slides belonged to Hilda (and Bernerd) Ray.

But that certainly doesn’t indicate that they took the photos represented in the slides, as Mr. Randle also notes.

That the woman who found the slides held them for ten years, without any scrutiny, is also troublesome.

In the art world, provenance (of a painting) is the crux of authenticity and value.

With the Kodak slides, provenance is iffy at best.

This forces the topic to what is pictured on the two slides allegedly showing a humanoid form of some kind.

While the slides may be shown to have been taken in 1947. by virtue of Kodak dating, that Roswell is the site or origination of the images on the slides is even more iffy.

From the original story-line that Bernerd Ray, a geologist on a trip with colleagues near Roswell in 1947 who stumbled upon the Roswell crash and surreptitiously took a photo of a military operation mopping up a flying disc crash with bodies, we have now moved to a scenario quite unlike that: beings showcased in a glass enclosure, already eviscerated and examined, which would not have taken place so quickly (forensically) to allow the exhibition to be dated to July or August 1947.

There are many problems with the Kodachrome story, more questions now than originally, and the fellows involved have got many more explanations ahead of them, questions I don’t think the May 5th Mexico event can answer or will answer.