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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Forbidden Planet: Forbidden UFOs

Watching TCM's presentation of the 1956 movie, Forbidden Planet, one has to recognize that the creators of the film had a grasp of what an extraterrestrial culture might be like: The Krell

The Krell, who died out 200,000 years earlier in the film's scenario, had a culture derived from millennia of technical, artistic advances.
An advanced race of beings, who traverse the galaxy (or universe) would not be, if we understand intelligence and evolution of species (no matter from where) correctly, frail beings traveling in frail craft, subject to failure, as Roswell believers have it.

The idea of a crashed flying disk is ludicrous on the face of it.

But, for the sake of argument, let's assume that lightning or some other unexpected Earthian surprise brought down a space-traveling craft and its crew.

Would the crew not have accoutrements of an advanced kind, artifacts too futuristic to be understood by those recovering their downed ship?
Is there any evidence of such artifacts -- and I'm not talking about the prosaic items Corso provided in his book? None have shown up in any overt, obvious way (a support of CDA's argument about how crazy it is to think science and scientists would keep a Roswell alien crash secret, all these years).

The problem with UFOs and Roswell is that the indications and reports by alleged witnesses are too mundane to support an advanced race of extraterrestrial travelers.

(Moreover, the Earth, as I keep noting, is too insignificant to attract a space-traveling species: the galaxy and universe itself have more, many more, interesting places to visit, despite our desire to see ourselves as a special creation on a special planet.)


The Kodachrome "being" -- where are its clothing?

The allleged alien, depicted in the controversial Kodachorme slides, is exhibited without apparel, or "space taveling gear."

Are we to suppose that extraterrestrial travelers, especially those witnessed, or exhibited as the Kodak slides being is, arrive on a strange planet, devoid of protection against weather or unknown biologic hazards as germs, radiation, et cetera?

That aside, why is the Kodak "being" provided without dress or clothing, or helmet or gloves -- apparel one would expect to be part of interplanetary travel, and exhibited if the glass enclosure is a showcase of some kind?

Was the supposed Roswell flying disc environmentally sound (equipped) to allow the crew naked presence, as they traveled the stars?

Something doesn't compute.


Airship extraterrestrials?

No, just human species.