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Saturday, March 07, 2015

John Rimmer's Magonia site!

Although the astute Magonia site is long deceased, remnants of it found online are grist for dedicated UFO buffs:

Here are two links:



In the second, you'll find a thorough exegesis of the Scully Aztec tale plus a look at the Airship "fables" (also much more) such as this:

"One of the first incidents occurred in Peru, sometime in 1878. A person who described himself as “A Seraro, Chemist,” told the South Pacific Times of Callao, Peru, that he found a huge aerolite. After digging through several layers of mineral substance he arrived at an inner chamber. Inside this he found the dead body of a 4 1/2-foot tall alien and beside it was a silver plate that was inscribed with hieroglyphics. This writing indicated that the vehicle and its pilot had come from Mars. The New York Times repeated this story ..."


Fort Meyers, Florida Museum Roswell Exhibit 2005

Here is a TIMES newspaper article by Colette Bancroft [March 20, 2005] that reports on a Roswell Exhibit at the Fort Meyers Museum in Florida.

I found this piece in our archives and don't think it came from David Rudiak's web-site as it's a negative-oriented piece about Roswell believers, which seems apropos in the ongoing Kodachrome slides imbroglio:



Some alien (extraterrestrial?) photos from Massimo Polidoro