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Monday, March 09, 2015

Kodachrome “alien slides” side-tracked by Roswell connection

The so-called Roswell slides, those Kodachrome slides of an alleged alien body from the supposed Roswell flying disk crash, have been high-jacked by associating them with Roswell.

UFO “researchers” have always searched for Roswell material by using Google and pre-Google searches with Roswell as the key search word.

The Roswell event isn’t categorized by government and military agencies as a Roswell oriented incident, and the Kodak slides import is not keyed to Roswell either.

Investigators may find material about the 1947 mislabeled Roswell incident by using search terms other than Roswell.

I can make suggestions, as I’ve found slides information by avoiding the monikers and mistaken names or errant locations suffusing the slides debate all over the place.

I’ll be providing some new information about the slides and the named people involved in and with them upcoming; information that Anthony Bragalia and his cohorts do not have, although I’ve passed hints on to them.

As most of you know, I’ve often griped about how sloppy UFO researchers are and have been.

That sloppiness is even worse than I imagined – clues and deep research besmirched by cavalier and biased mind-sets.

Roswell corrupts everything UFO related, because “ufologists” see it as the holy grail of ET visitation, with bodies and evidence that might be recoverable even at this late date.

That mind-set has flawed the search for meaning in the UFO phenomenon.

But as a noted French skeptic often reminds us, “That’s ufology.”