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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Nick Redfern reconsiders the Kodachrome slides


Human Hands/Alien Hands

Hands appear in Paleolithic caves like selfies appear in social media of our time.

Google "cave art hands" and you'll find a plethora of hand-prints by our ancient ancestors.
For some reason our primitive ancestors thought the hand was a sacred (shamanistic) thing or an object of veneration.

I've looked at virtually all of the pertinent cave art, and see only normal hand configurations, most attributed to younger members or female members of ancient societies.

There are no deformed hands -- well a few perhaps -- but most attempts at imprinting hands on cave walls are normal in configuration.

In the current Kodachrome slides tale, the so-called "alien being" photographed is alleged to have four digits, not five.

But even the drawings of supposed aliens touted by Ancient Astronaut theorists have five digits:
This means that either aliens said to have interacted with early humans were normal-handed or the alleged alien in the Kodak slides was from a unique species, new to the Earth in 1947.

Either way, the depiction of hands by our earliest forebears was obsessive. Why?