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Thursday, March 19, 2015

An example of madness -- UFO madness, not March Madness

A December 1967 alleged UFO sighting and "abduction" by police officer Herbert Schirmer in Ashland, Nebraska vetted by the Condon Committee and UFO researchers examples a kind of madness often found in UFO accounts.

The madness is not a violent kind of madness but a subliminal madness that is pre-psychotic and exacerbated by UFO researchers employing hypnosis, an arcane art that has been discontinued by the psychiatric community and science.

Officer Schirmer reported seeing a strange object while on night patrol but later thought he had experienced missing time.

He reported a craft that looked like this:
And aliens aboard that looked like this:
You can read online accounts of the supposed sighting/event at these sites:



But the best and most thorough account is Kevin Randle's 2008 blog posting:


What intrigues me is how this imagined sighting and abduction was encouraged by hypnosis and the intervention of UFO "researchers" into the mental aberration that afflicted Officer Schirmer, whose life fell apart, accordingly and totally, after the imagined event.

He did not receive sensible or proper psychological help, rather exploited by UFO aficionados and flawed UFO researchers.

Others have been also exploited in similar ways, some capitalizing along with their exploiters (Betty Hill and Travis Walton) and others just exploited (Mannor, Michalak, Taylor, et al.).

This is what Ufology is all about, pretty much: exploitation.