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Saturday, April 04, 2015

The Roswell Religion

One can equate the Roswell incident with The Jesus Incident by merely reflecting on the similarities of both myths.

A (relatively) minor event, the crucifixion of a Jewish prophet/radical, in Jerusalem during the reign of Augustus Caesar became a monumental religious movement 60 years or so after that crucifixion is duplicated by a (relatively) minor Roswell incident which also became a monumental ufological movement 31 years after that incident.

The Jesus crucifixion was extrapolated by Saul of Tarsus (ST. Paul) and the Roswell incident was extrapolated by Stanton Friedman.

Of course, others broadened both incidents but Paul and Friedman were the primary proselytizers of the incidents under consideration.

In the history of Christianity, witnesses from hearsay have provided the core of the religious movement, just as the witnesses to Roswell have provided the core of that story, both not reputable enough to be seen as providing proof or truth for the events to which they are tied, but used by those hoping to further a belief system steeped in those flawed witness statements.

Christianity was founded upon oral traditions and remembrances of witnesses just as Roswell has been founded upon remembrances of witnesses, both devoid of actual fact or evidence for what is being proclaimed; each steeped in faith and misplaced mental fervor.

To this day, Christians accept the flawed Gospels that underlie their religion, and Roswellians accept the flawed ufological “documentation” that underlies their mythos.

An example of the Roswell acolytes and those who do not believe (the Roswell atheists) can be found at the current posting by Kevin Randle, in comments.

The Roswell believers are emboldened by the “evidence” that has been mustered by the many Roswell apostles extant since 1978, while the Roswell atheists strike back with arguments based in commonsense and reality.

The believers function on the basis of Faith; the atheists practice unbelief based upon what they see as failed documentation of a Roswell alien crash, with alien bodies.

The believers are hoping for a Roswell second-coming (May 5th) just as Christians await the second coming of Christ – a little overdue, but still within a possibility for the faithful.

Roswell is, at this juncture, a matter of faith and faith only, as nothing has come forth to prove the core of the myth: that an alien craft crashed near Roswell and spewed forth extraterrestrial beings.

But then Christianity, at this juncture, also awaits proof that the being upon which that religion is based will return or his alleged Godhood will be proved once and for all by confirmation of the stories told about him, all of which have be shown to be fraudulent.

Religion is an iffy proposition by any standard of scientific procedure or academic thinking,

Just so is Roswell.

But Faith is a mighty thing, taking hold of human sensibilities and mental acumen to the detriment of truth and actuality.

And thus it is with Roswell, just as it is with Christianity.