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Sunday, April 12, 2015

What you don’t get, about those Roswell/alien slides.

From what I know, and it isn’t much but it is worthy to note that the slides Tony Bragalia and his buddies have been working on have nuances and elements that are significant and the fellows have been tracking those nuances and elements seriously, lots of money and time spent.

While many of us have pressed for disclosure of what they’ve found, and some have tried to assuage our begging for information, before May 5th (and when news of the slides first surfaced many months ago), we have all – all of us – pressed for information, information that wasn’t ready to be hashed over…not because it was being held in abeyance but because it wasn’t grist for discussion in its primordial state.

That is, some of the findings and hints, with the slides, opened inquiry into other facets that seemed pertinent to UFOs (maybe Roswell) but had to be vetted, and that takes time.

I pushed for openness more than anyone and got a few snippets, things that were proffered to throw me off the track (or scent), the fellows (Mr. Bragalia in particular) irritated by my probing, my nosy insertion into their investigation.

Yes, there is a lot of hoopla and hype going on in anticipation of the May 5th event and I, for one, like the hoopla.

It will bring new attention to UFOs and Roswell, and we all would like to see more attention to both, especially by serious researchers, not the rag-tag band of “ufologists” who are mostly nuts or goofy, myself included.

Yes, there are questions to be answered, and lots of loop holes to be filled...

But let me state that some revelations on May 5th will startle and provoke further investigation of the slides, the persons involved with them in 1947 and now, and will also open the door to more speculation that is good for the UFO/Roswell mystery.

We have all been privy to some of the slides materials and context but there is so much more.

And I can’t wait to get my nose involved, as I see that some of that material and context as intriguing and worthy of pursuit, by those who continue to find UFOs and even Roswell an interesting topic (or myth, if you will).

So, while I’ll continue to dribble slides material sent to me online, I’m trying to be patient about the May 5th presentation (or circus, if you like – and we all like circuses don’t we?).


Further Roswell/alien slides information from Spanish UFO researcher, Jose Antonio Caravaca

" ... Maussan said that the Roswell slides [were taken at the White Sands airbase] ...She (Hilda Ray) was a good friend of Eisenhower's [wife. Mamie].... Through ... this friendship, Hilda could see the images....

In the minute 32:28 [of the video linked below] Maussan said that one of the humanoids was transferred to the base of White Sands for the General XXXXX (you understand the name).