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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ETs may not be interested in Earth but what about our inter-dimensional neighbors?

ETs may not be interested in Earth but what about our inter-dimensional neighbors?

Re-highlighting (yellow pencil) Michio Kaku’s Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation. Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos [Doubleday, NY, 2005] it dawned on me that UFO intrusions, even the alleged Roswell/alien body seen in those damnable slides, may not be from a galactic civilization but, rather, come from another dimension, one that bumps up against us (a “brane” scenario as outlined in String Theory for Dummies, Wiley Publishing, Inc. Indianapolis, IN, Pages 195-196).

The idea of an existent culture slipping through a portal between our universe and their universe is easier, for me, to accept than the concept of an alien species trudging their way to Earth, bypassing all the other more manifest glories they’d experience on a trip to our backwater site in the great scheme of our visible universe.

Kaku infuses his book (all 428 pages of it) with asides about teleportation, quantum mysteries and theories, Darwin’s evolution, the paradox of Einstein’s relativity theories, M-theory, and almost everything else that theoretical physicists conjure with.

Kaku’s Chapter 8 (Page 241 ff.) covers the idea of a Designer Universe, displacing the God argument with the rationality of physical science, and how science is seeking to locate planets in our galaxy that may fall within the Golidlocks Zone, which you reading this understand I’m sure).

That we, as a curious species, might allow us to think that another curious species have been looking for planetary life elsewhere, and found Earth (an argument that Eric Wargo addressed here in my disparaging post about ET visitation).

And I suspect that an alien civilization may have stumbled upon Earth and was wowed by what it found.

But the plethora of UFO sightings/reports seem to preclude an occasional foray into the Earth’s sphere, and I can’t imagine an alien culture spending so much, time and effort, no matter how odd Earth and its diverse life-forms appear to them, coming back, again and again, indulging in what appear to be ridiculous surveillance.

That opens the door for a doppelganger dimension abutting ours which, on occasion, produces visitors through a glitch or contrived portal; those visitors showing up as religious/mythical entities in our history and folklore and UFO accounts like those found in the Vallee/Aubeck book, Wonders in the Sky.

I looked for quotable material from Kaku’s book to include here, but was overwhelmed with all the treasured information he provides: notes about literary figures (Shakespeare, Dante, Poe, et al.) and philosophers/scientists (Bruno, Kant, Nietzsche, et al.), artists (Dali, Duchamp, et al.) and contemporaries or colleagues (Schrödinger, Gamow, Gödel, Sagan, Green, and many, many more).

This is a book you should seek and read. It’s flush with information that many in “ufology” use in comments but really misunderstand (me included).

My point here, is that UFOs and their alleged entities don’t have to come from galaxies far, far away.

They may come from a universe or dimension atop us or right next door.

Even the so-called Roswell slides creature might be from an inter-dimensional place, or our own future.

See why or how via Michio Kaku’s terrific book.


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