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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jose Antonio Caravaca and Jaime Maussan "debate" the alien slides

From the radio discussion, linked below:

Jaime Maussan: He (Caravaca) says they are not grotesque , I assure you they are grotesque . It is a picture that they took and with which they wanted to base all the research. It is a figure that is not very clear , it’s something they stretched , then modified and adjusted . I say it is more like the canary Tweety from the cartoons, the one who is always against the cat and well ... it looks more like Tweety than reality.
Jose Antonio Caravaca: B...ut, Mr. Maussan, Adam Dew himself, who is serving as a bridge between the current owner of the slides and the researchers conducting the investigation, has assured that there are specialists who have doubts that it may be a mummy.
Jaime Maussan: Adam Dew is not an expert, that first. We do not know, I mean, he does not know if the creature is in the process of mummification or not, because he has no image. Trying to be based on what someone said or not said is absolutely irrelevant. We’re talking about the evidence and we will present the facts to the world.


Extraterrestrial writing or schizophrenic renderings?

This site provides examples of alleged alien symbols and writing captured mentally by abductees and/or persons who say they've been in contact with UFOs and their entities:


Here are two examples, a star chart and an indication of an alien alphabet:
The linked site has many others, some not unlike the Uruk example of writing or symbols (circa 8000 B.C.) which you can read about at Wikipedia:


Again, do such representations come from an alien source or mental representations from those with neurological or psychological quirks?

It seems to me that any example of extraterrestrial writing would have some consistency with these categories of writing found in the Wikipedia article:

A logogram is a written character which represents a word or morpheme

A syllabary is a set of written symbols that represent (or approximate) syllables

In all the examples of abductee or UFO remembrances (at the site noted) one does not find a "logic" as one might discover in a philological study:


What causes people to thrust these outbursts into the UFO ether, mental derangement or an actual belief that they captured alien writing?

George Adamski provided such scribblings in his representation of Orthon's shoe imprint:
And then we have Lonnie Zamora's drawing of the insignia he saw on the egg-shaped craft he spotted in Socorro, 1964. (Oh wait, that's a logo on a Hughes Aicraft test vehicle):