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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jose Antonio Caravaca: Jaime Maussan on the slide(s) body

Maussan says the humanoid in the slides was 48 or 72 hours in the desert exposed to more than 100 degree heat, it is appreciated in that the body has a kind of "mummification by desiccation", but it has some parts where is observed "fresh flesh", so it is supposed the slides were obtained 2 or 3 months after the recovery of the bodies. Maussan said that "there are so many anomalies in the picture (slides) with respect to a human being: the head, the... shoulders, the number of ribs, the size of the arms, the size of the feet, the narrowness of the hip, all these elements seem somehow present in some cases of humans, as a syndrome, but by separate, not all together, for that a person with all these syndromes in one body to reach the adult stage is virtually impossible, he would die just months or a year of his birth, and this is a being that is larger than one meter would then have to be a young boy (...) geneticists who are investigating every possible illness, they will indicate all those that can be applied, but at the end, there is not a case historically recorded that actually presents all these symptoms in one body (...) if this being is, supposedly, on display in a museum, could exhibit the body of a child in a museum if have undergone a necropsy? ".... 

Maussan believes it would not be ethical show this corpse in a museum.... (!)


TBT? (Throw Back Thursday)

An Anthony Bragalia posting from 2008 (at one of our blogs) that has been referenced several times recently: