UFO Conjecture(s)

Monday, April 27, 2015

UFOs and Reality Bubbles

Coming in from the airport Sunday showed me that everyone has a project: various peoples working on their lawns, houses, farms, cars, and assorted other activities, such a playing with the kids or kids doing sports or just fooling around.

And then, today, I trod through the few UFO sites I visit and see that each person who’s created their site and their followers all exhibit a penchant for specificity about the UFO topic.

This made me think that each UFO sighting or report or event has created a reality, for the main person(s) involved and their followers: Ken Arnold, Adamski, Villas Boas, the Hills, Travis Walton, et al.

The same for those hypothesizing about UFOs: Friedman, Rudiak, the Slides guys, et al.

But as I noted the other day, here, those realities are bogus and slight; they occur within the mind of those cited, and nowhere else.

My closed reality is contained by my mind and consciousness and attempts to extrapolate that contained reality is often curtailed by interacting with others who wish for me to be sucked into their bubble reality.

I usually escape the attempts but find myself often enmeshed in various whirlpools of UFO “realities” – some of my choosing, some not.

The encapsulating reality that we all ignore, especially those of us enraptured by UFOs or “ufology,” is given short shrift.

The encapsulating reality is made up of a world-view where other things occur and intrude, some from the past but most currently happening.

There is much to behold and to ruminate about, and UFOs are a minor part, or should be, of that real reality.

I’m currently re-reading Harold Bloom’s book “Genius” and hoping to interact about it with academic Bryan Sentes, who is a obsessive fan of Emmanuel Kant, which I find a little distressing, Kant being flawed in many ways, to the point that Bloom doesn’t include him in his book and most, here at least, have no idea what Kant’s thoughts were, as profound as they were and are.

One of my chums is ingratiated by anything to do with the Jesus myth and that which created it.

He is so immersed in the topic that he’s created a reality bubble that doesn’t serve his daily existence.

Yes, the topic is fascinating, but so are many other things, more relevant to one’s life.

Oliver Sacks, who is dying of terminal cancer, wrote a piece in the current New Yorker about the monologue practitioner Spalding Gray who committed suicide after a neurological glitch caused by an auto accident.

UFOs is the farthest thing from Sacks’ mind (and certainly played no part in Mr. Gray’s life).

And the UFO “realities” mentioned above played and play no part in the lives of normal people.

But we few who cogitate of those realities, Roswell among them, are lost is a miasma of myth and nonsense that has drained us of a world-view.

We are adrift in a created bubble that bespeaks neuroses or, worse, psychoses, of a harmless kind (perhaps) but unreal at any rate.

I’m hoping that we can integrate UFOs into a seamless account of life, today, and the realities or reality that affronts us all.

Even writing that shows the idiocy of the attempt.

UFOs are a minuscule element of life and even if those damnable Kodachrome slides end up indicating an alien, extraterrestrial life-form end up here on Earth ins 1947, what does that have to do with reality, the reality we have to contend with and understand in order to live sensibly and thoughtfully?

Nothing, nothing at all.