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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Why the slides are NOT of a Roswell alien by Nick Redfern


Jose Antonio Caravaca's interesting take on the May 5th slides presentation

In Spanish but your browser may allow translation:


Nick Redfern on a slide anomaly that is being ignored


Those crazy slides bring blog visitors, that's for sure!

Questionable testimony?

This woman, Carlene Green, daughter of Roswell serviceman Homer Rowlette, impeached her testimony by saying her father called the Roswell bodies he saw as "the greys" because that was their color.

The grey sobriquet wasn't in vogue or part of the parlance in 1947 and her father using it on his deathbed to describe what he saw during the Roswell incident indicates he was influenced by the post-1978 Roswell dialogue of Stan Friedman and other Roswellian investigators.

Authentic memory reconstruction of significant events remain saddled, if not bolluxed by ex eventu input, by the language and milieu of the initial memory recall.

Current terminology used in a past memory recall is a sign of a neurological flaw or a deliberate fabrication. [See "automatic memory" in Psychiatric Dictionary, Fourth Edition, Hinsie/Campbell, Page 461]

Ms. Green either used "the greys" epithet on her own or her father used it after being "indocrinated" by the Roswell tales in situ after 1978.

Either way, the deathbed reconstruction is iffy at best or bogus in fact.


Note the male hand in this photo....

This is a photo supplied to Mr. Noory's Coast-to-Coast site by Richard Dolan:


In the discussion(s) about the slides and who took them, much has been said about the skirt indicating a woman at the body-site.

But that's a man's hand in the photo, a reflection superimposed upon the woman's torso shot.

There are still mysteries to be examined in the Kodachrome slides it seems, nothing Roswellian perhaps but niggling oddities that gnaw at the curious.