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Thursday, May 07, 2015

It really is time to move on…

A few comments here wonder where Anthony Bragalia is?

He’s fine and happy with the May 5th event.

He’s also had some input at Kevin Randle’s blog.

But most in the UFO community who’ve followed this slides story for about two years have had enough; the May 5th debacle clinching the matter for them, maybe once and for all time.

Nothing new was offered at the Mexican showing, obviously, and the show itself was laggardly and self-referencing for Tom Carey and Don Schmitt, who seemed to use the venue for an announcement of a new Roswell book they’re planning.

The coda of the presentation – those Kodachrome slides of an odd body-figure -- still resonates with some of the UFO/Roswell contingent, but sensible people have moved away and on, knowing that the body doesn’t prove alien visitation of the Earth or that the Roswell incident was an ET craft accident.

Suffused, myself, with the Bernerd and Hilda Ray aspect of the story, I’m not only disappointed but chagrinned: the Ray scenario was a trough of fluff.

There will remain chards of comments and postings about the Cinco de Mayo affair for a while yet, but we (my readers here) should truly drop the matter.

It took us nowhere and provides nothing to make Roswell relevant or offers any explanation of UFOs.