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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Insane May 5th Dialectic Continues

At Kevin Randle’s blog one can see examples of ufological “insanity.”

The Kodachrome slides have been stilled, or so some of us thought, by the acceptance on all sides that the body seen in the slides is (or was) a mummified body.

Yet, the matter continues apace at Kevin’s blog, ramping up with a thought by David Rudiak and our friend Tim Hebert that the images should be re-examined by a qualified anthropological forensic look-see.

Why are the slides still being discussed?

Some of us have moved on. (No, this harangue by me isn’t about the slides but about the aftermath insanity that continues to resonate at Kevin’s blog.)

The May 5th gig is still tuned into by those who spent a chintzy $15 or $20 to have the show streamed to their computers.

(Those, in Mexico, who went to the affair and may want their entrance fee returned are outside the purview of the “enthusiasts” for justice preening at Kevin’s blog.)

A retinue of UFO skeptics and ET die-hards are using the May 5th debacle as grist to argue (or debate) the issues that have ensconced them in dialectic delirium for a long time now. (Need I name them?)

The energy, time, and effort wasted on the May 5th farce baffles.

(And my time on the matter, with this post, amounts to a meager ten minutes as I await dinner.)

Fellow UFO enthusiasts, gather your senses and move on or forward.

There are other UFO issues to discuss, such as where is Anthony Bragalia?