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Monday, May 18, 2015

Excellence and Ufology

Yes, a seeming oxymoron.

UFO blogs , web-sites, and books are, generally, god-awful when it comes to standards of excellence.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, gave a commencement speech 5/17 that suggested graduates get into the arena (of life and business), be impatient with progress, and apply energy to whatever they do.

Also, employ excellence in what they do.

I don’t do excellent UFO posting, being a bit cavalier with topics and speculation, but I try, half-heartedly.

Kevin Randle’s blog postings are usually quite excellent, but undercut by comments from his flaky readers.

Eric Wargo’s site – thenightshirt.com – is inordinately excellent dealing with thought and ideas that encompass the UFO phenomenon and attendant peripherals that impact the UFO topic, sometimes in ways that are not obvious to most of us.

Jacques Vallee, despite what some see as a contrary view of the UFO ET explanation, has always offered cogent and thoughtful hypotheses and ideas also.

But the UFO community, over all, is a hodge-podge of sloppy thinkers and instigators of bile and vitriol rather than thoughtful comments about UFOs.

Recent events show that ufology is nowhere near a science or art-form. Ufology is a hotbed of incendiary poseurs and celebrity wannabes, research relegated to half-ass effort and duplicity.

Mr. Randle touches on this in his current posting about Trivia flooding the UFO topic.

And we all know that vulgarity and meanness overlie many comments and writings about UFOs and those who say they’ve witnessed them or who draw attention to the phenomenon via the internet or books.

Ufology is not a classy or dignified sub-class of paranormal investigation.

It’s an intellectual slum where not just a few engage in subterfuge of various kinds to gain a modicum of fame, for their sordid, useless lives.

I, and a few others, have allowed persons with ulterior, devious motives to saturate our blogs and musings about UFOs.

But that has got to stop, as Mr. Randle sort of suggests.

I’ll take down those who’ve used this blog to further their duplicitous purposes and I hope others, in the UFO community, will do the same.

Stay tuned…