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Friday, May 22, 2015

The rage has subsided?

The loss of a Roswell “explanation” (those slides, of course) caused some in the UFO community to vent their spleen, in ways that haven’t been seen since the Alien Autopsy brouhaha.

Vituperation emerged from the id, much as that depicted in Forbidden Planet (from the Krell):
There is a residue of semi-psychotic rage, repressed usually, among members of the UFO community, but where does that repressed rage come from?

Only a psychoanalytic session can really tell us.

Yet, we often have to deal with it, in comments here and elsewhere in UFOland.

David Rudiak called for UFO-blog commenters to use their real names, to quit hiding behind nom de plumes, aliases, or alter egos.

I agree.

One can discern much from an avatar used by commenters online. But why should we have to?

Many show up at Kevin Randle’s blog and Isaac Koi’s AboveTopSecret site, and a few here, but this blog tries to stick with those who use their real names to make public pronouncements: CDA (whom we all know as long-time UFO enthusiast, Brit, Christopher Allen), Lance Moody, Bruce Duensing, Paul Kimball, Nick Redfern, David Rudiak (himself), Kevin (of course), Gilles Fernandez, Jose Caravaca, Zoam Chomsky (yes, we know who that really is – The Iron Skeptic!), and many others).

It’s the hidden-identity group that causes trouble – not so much those who use “handles” at AboveTopSecret, a usually benign group – but, rather, a slew of others who come forth upon UFO “conversations” to rattle cages and/or spew venom because of their suppressed (or repressed) rage.

I have a recent e-mail, from a guy who used to post here – it’s a prime example of psychotic rage (which I’ve shared with Lance Moody and Nick Redfern).

The fellow needs counseling, surely, but will not get it, as he thinks he’s normal and psychologically healthy. 

My position is to delete or ignore comments from the sick element, generally, or to call them out when they go too far with their expletives that indicate derangement.

But Mr. Rudiak’s suggestion – use your real name online – would go a long way to assuaging vitriol and id impulse commentary in UFO circles.

It’s not a cure-all but would help.

Now that the ire (about the May 5th thing) has diminished pretty much, maybe we can go forward with dialogue that makes “ufology” the fun, stupid thing is was always meant to be.

I hope so, anyway.