UFO Conjectures

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rehabilitating the slides guys?

It seems Kevin Randle has started, because he's a nice person, the rehabilitation of the fellows involved in the Kodachrome slides debacle.

Those fellows, one and all, should be shunned, not lauded because they recanted or seemingly apologized.

Castigating the guys isn't necessary; just shun them, ignore them, as Tocqueville told us in Democracy in America, how the system works here in the states, and should work in the UFO community.

It takes persons with ethical cachet to hold the keys to redemption, not Kevin, who is trying to help a few of his compatriots back into the ufological fold, for what reason(s), I do not know, but it's embarrassing.

No matter how slimy Kevin's one-time and current friends are, he will laud them, present their foolishness online, and tout them as often as he can.

He's a true friend is seems, which is okay with me, but he should keep that friendship to himself and not try to foist it on the rest of us.

(I'm surprised how soft Lance Moody, Paul Kimball, and others in the anti-slides group, have become regarding the chicanery they blew up at before May 5th but have relented lately.)