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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

UFOs: A Real Dialectic Mess

At Kevin Randle's blog, and here, plus at a few other UFO venues, the dialogue (postings and commentary) have turned rancid.

Vitriol, vituperation, and venomous dialectic have taken hold, to the point that skunks have rid the UFO landscape of anything decent and worth reading.

Larry, Joel, and Brian Bell (at Kevin's blog), along with Lance and even David Rudiak are getting creamed for their approach to ufological discussion.

Kevin has (finally) clamped down on the viciousness (lately) rampant at his generally moderate venue.

And I have tempered, somewhat, the goings-on here. (Zoam Chompsky still rattles some but he'll take it easier from now on I suspect).

Lance has never been overly mischievous here, nor has anyone else for that matter actually, and I'm keen to see such things.

But the discourse has become barbaric surely, and one can only tamp it down for a short while as the back-and-forths have a tendency to boil up anew, as is always the case with Ufology, a place where ego replaces scholarship and intellectualism.

I censor and censure those who go too far, or whom I don't like for some reason.

But those whom I do like get a kind of carte blanche so long as they don't get obscene, libelous, or overly psychotic.

Discourse, in many disciplines (academic, scientific, political, religion, et cetera) often go over the top.

UFO enthusiasts are grown up (or pretend to be) so I hope all mentioned here will stay on, temper their tempers, and provide edification rather than effluvia.

Otherwise this blog, and Kevin's (plus those few others) will be dismissed, more than they are now, by the more reasonable in the UFO community, as few they may be.


A UFO "religion" in the context of today

Our academic Facebook "friend" Bryan Sentes, an  occasional visitor here, wrote, along with Susan Palmer, a while back, a treatise on the Raëlians, a UFO-oriented cult that has similarities to Joseph Smith's Mormon religion and George Adamski's flying saucer musings (as I see it).

I don't know if the Raëlians are extant -- maybe Bryan can enlighten -- but one can find the interpolations of ufology, Catholicity, and various mythologies inside the Raëlian texts and offerings, some of which have suffused UFO's ETHers.

Urantia, The Aetherius Society (outlined in the paper), and science fictions come to mind, when one reads this erudite offering:




TLS, The Times Literary Supplement for May 22nd, 2015 has a review of Marius Hentea's book, Tata Dada about the founder of the Dada art movement (about the same time as the 1896 airship sightings in California), Tristan Tzara [Page 21 ff.].

The review opens with this: "It is ... foolish and self-destructive to lead a Dada life", the poet Andrei Codrescu has written, because a Dada life will "include ... pranks, buffoonery ... intoxication, sabotage, taboo-breaking, playing childish and/or dangerous games, waking up dead gods, and not taking education seriously."

This struck me as defining what's going on in ufology and the UFO community, best exampled by the current commentary at Kevin Randle's blog.