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Thursday, June 04, 2015


The May/June 2015 issue of Archaeology (pictured here) has an article, The Cult of Amun, by Daniel Weiss [Page 48 ff.] in which digs in Nubia have determined and is still determining how the B.C. kingdoms of Kush and Egypt shared worship of the god Amun and how their eventual rivalry developed the various Egyptian and Kushite societies.

Some UFO enthusiasts, if they were into archaeology, would pooh-pooh looking back at and studying such ancient cultures.

These so-called enthusiasts decry looking at classic UFO cases, saying that those cases are either irrelevant or debunked. (See Kevin Randle's blog for dialogue about "settled" or "resolved" UFO events and sightings.)

In spite of the ignorant rants by some in the UFO community, I've resuscitated and renamed our one-time active UFOLAB, which was the core of our UFO interest when we resided in Florida and then Indiana in the 1970s.

UFOLAB once funded or underwrote various UFO endeavors and helped prominent UFO researchers sometimes: Richard Hall, Lucius Farish, (plus others) and a Romanian operation that provided us with UFO sightings of note in Europe and behind the Iron Curtain.

Newspapers [The Detroit News and Free Press and Fort Wayne's Journal Gazette] noted my support of such activity, as shown in posts online here a while back.

We plan on doing that again: supporting healthy, sensible UFO study and research or blogs and web-sites with academic-like approaches to UFOs, under the aegis of InterAmerica, Inc.

Moreover, THE UFO LABORATORY will make a re-evaluation and study of some classic UFO cases (Socorro, The Trent sighting and photos, Wanaque, and other UFO events often mentioned at this blog).

I'm setting up a separate internet venue for THE UFO LABORATORY discourse, and have gathered or asked a few UFO aficionados to join me. (Some non-UFO interested persons, with useful academic disciplines have also been approached and have agreed to help when they can.)