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Sunday, June 21, 2015

A book about internet trolls and my blog about UFO trolls

The book pictured here (written by Whitney Phillips) is advertised in The New Your Review of Books [July 9th 2015, Page 7].

The blurb by Curtis Frye [Technology and Society Book Reviews] writes:

" ... a terrific introduction to the world of trolling, exploring how trolls put on figurative masks (or literal masks) in the case of online anonymity) and generate lulz [sic] from those they encounter ...

I'm dismayed by the violence done to my beloved art of rhetorical controversy."

In light of the "ufological terrorism" rampant at some blogs -- not mine, as I delete rabid comments (except my own) -- many of you should get the book and ballyhoo it.

Also ,I've made a list of those who try to post "terrorist-like" commentary here and do post such commentary at Paul Kimball's blog and sometimes get a few moments at Kevin Randle's blog before he catches their vile drivel and deletes their attempted utterances.

That list can be found at one of our popular blogs, and I've sent the internet address to some of you for whom I have an e-mail address.

The curious among you can find, via Google, if you're cagey enough, the site where your name (maybe) and vituperative remarks appear.

Now don't expect to find Lance Moody there or Zoam Chomsky or Gilles Fernandez, or the moderate CDA, or even the vibrant David Rudiak.

They are not trolls, as I see it, but engaging and snarky skeptics or avowed UFO believers like Rudiak.

But you will find a load of commentary about who in the UFO community is disgustingly biased and mean-spirited while pretending to be gentlemen and ladies with moral, ethical standards.

Also, a few blogs and sites that pretend to be objective, and honest purveyors of truth or ufological encouragement are also noted, and why they fall short of being valued by some of us.

The rancid online UFO-oriented activity should come to halt, but in light of that not happening anytime soon, we (me and some notable UFO enthusiasts) are calling the "trolls" out.

It's time to"fight fire with fire."