UFO Conjectures

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Ufological Fame….it could be yours

I have blogs dealing with media (social and otherwise) and entertainment.

I note at those blogs how advertising has taken hold of businesses, that are vying to get content that brings the great unwashed to their venues.

Every one want to be entertained, like those in Rome before that great empire was sacked by barbarian hordes, leading to the Dark Ages.

But absorbing or creating entertainment is meaningless in the great scheme of things.

While I think the UFO topic is disreputable and embarrassing for thoughtful, dignified human beings, I offer this:

He or she who resolves the UFO enigma/mystery will gain a fame that exceeds that of any entertainment star or economic wunderkind.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s partial founder and current CEO, is famous, for his internet acumen.

But a person who tells humanity what those UFOs are or are not, in definitive terms, will have a mantle of fame that will supersede such mundane fame.

Of course, the truly greats – Leonardo, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Einstein, et al. – will maintain their famous sobriquet(s).

But the UFO “resolver” or explainer will be among the high and mighty who now traverse the Earth.

So, get at it UFO enthusiasts….fame (and fortune) can be yours.