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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Goodbye Ufology?

I’ve written this so many times that it’s become a redux redundancy, but it now is clear that scientific endeavors, such as the Pluto fly-by and Mars probes, have captured the public’s imagination and interest, whereas UFOs and ufology are now relegated to the alley of disgraced subject matter or topics, one so debased that to bring it up in polite society will get you laughed out of the room.

Take a look at the comments at blogs and sites – I suggest Kevin Randle’s blog, where the postings by Mr. Randle are sensible (but passé to the point of irrelevancy) but the comments show a readership that is desperate to foist nonsense on everyone who tunes into the blog, and even evinces aspects of insanity.

The babbling is embarrassing, and examples how low ufology and UFOs have sunk into a miasma of effluvia.

The topic stinks, and is as dead as our recently deceased friend Bruce Duensing, a man hoping to elevate UFOs (or UAPs, as he liked to title them) to some degree of scholarly discussion.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to achieve that aim and died before he saw that the May 5th debacle and current scientific endeavors have killed UFOs and ufology that he hoped to redeem from the crazies who’ve captured the topic(s).

Even Anomalist is struggling to hold UFOs in its queue of paranormal topics of interest.

So, ufology and UFOs, friends, are over, all but the dying gasps of some psychotic die-hards. (Need I name them, my name on that list also?)