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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Alien “Ants” pilot UFOs?

I didn’t catch the “ant” comments at Kevin Randle’s blog after the May 5th debacle, so this has nothing to do with that I hope.

Myrmecology has always fascinated me, and the two books pictured here have been instrumental in maintaining that interest.
But a week or so ago, while I was sitting on the back balcony of our office, I noticed that holding something in front of ants walking the balcony, or swiping them off, caused a serious, rather immediate diminution – actual halt – in ants roaming the balcony and deck, for a prolonged period of time.

It seemed to me that the blocked or swept ants had communicated with their colony of ants, letting them know that something was blocking or stopping them from roaming the balcony area.

As you can see from this photo, the balcony is high off the ground and about half an acre away from our ground’s ant hills (colonies) which exist at the far sides of the office and in the front grassy area.
This means, to me, that the ants had “telepathically” communicated my barriers to their ant societies. (There were several species of ants involved.)

Wilhelm Goetsch in his book (The Ants, above) tells how he experimented with ants’ intelligence (mental faculties) and communication [Page 98 ff.] which he posits come from their sense of smell via their antennae.

He varnished antennae and mixed various species, which evinced a distrust of intermingled species. Using scents from each he tried various scenarios, noting that when the scents of one species was lathered on another species, things were rather fine but as the scent wore off, the ants “engaged in the wildest battle.” [Page 99]

He also noted how ants tried to escape from a concocted nest, but always tried to return to that nest foregoing their seeming desire to escape and be free, subject to their desire to work and construct more territory. [Page 123 ff.]

Rémy Chauvin, in his book (The World of Ants: A Science-Fiction Universe), deals with brain sizes and the senses of ants and other insects. [Page 163 ff.]

Chauvin provides various experiments, of elaborate kinds, showing that ants transmit sounds and messages and work their way through mazes with alacrity and skill, the behaviour of the ant [resembling] that of the ‘maze machines’, crude robots constructed about 1930, before the cybernetics era.” [Page 181].

(Chauvin also presented the similarities of ant behavior to that of bees, which were suggested by Gerald Heard, in The Riddle of the Flying Saucers, as the pilots of the flying disks reported in the 1950s, and noted at Kevin Randle’s blog by CDA but dismissed by Mr. Randle, who prefers the nonsense of Roswell to the idea that an insect species on another planet might have evolved to the point of intergalactic travel.)

Okay, I’ve gone a bit too far into the possible “thinking” of ants, whether it stems from instinct or actual thought.

But, in my observations of the ants at our office, I can’t discard the feeling that the ants were, somehow, communicating that they were being blocked or swept away by something, and got that message to the colony mates, which, by their measurement, quite out of the range of smell or sensory output.

The ants got messages to their colony instantaneously, halting the activity of roaming for periods of hours, only resuming, somewhat, after a duration that indicates to me that the ants became cautious or warned by way of thought transmission.

So let me consider that an alien society, an extraterrestrial culture/society, while not insect-like itself necessarily, might have been able to determine the ability of their planets insects to transmit thought over long distances, via the quantum models of Bell’s Theorem.

They could, this alien society, have inserted their insects “DNA” into members of their society or constructed automatons, using algorithms derived from the “minds” of their “ants” or other viable insects with the ability to transmit thought, telepathically.

This extraterrestrial society would then send out scouts to scour their galaxy or the Universe itself, much in the way that Earth’s ant colonies (or bee colonies!) do.

The automatons or “re-engineered” alien beings could be flying what have been reported  as flying saucers or UFOs since before mankind awakened from its primitive sleep.

I thought my hesitation to accept alien infestations (by way of UFO or space vehicles) because of the plentitude of “things” seen over the years would prevent me from allowing extraterrestrial visitation.

But seeing how a colony of ants (or bees) send forth its members in mass, one can envisage an alien society doing likewise.

The ant brain is more than instinct it seems to me and, thus, I can see an advanced insect society, or one attuned to insect proclivities, as possible pilots of UFOs.