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Monday, July 27, 2015

Ah, two resurrections, sort of…

The other night History 2’s Ancient Astronaut airing, listed as “new” with a 2015 production date, included comments by two Philips…

Philip Imbrogno, whom Lance Moody showed a while back as having faked his educational credentials:
And the wonderful writer, Philip Coppens, who died too soon and too young, two years ago:

With such cavalier use of “experts” – one a little loose with his academic achievements and one who hasn’t been with us for a while now – History 2 undercuts whatever journalistic cachet it pretends to have.

It’s depressing to find that such programming is often full of canards when there are so many odd and unusual things to look at, with experts, many living and many with authentic credentials available to be heard on the topics the Channel likes to air.

Pressure should be brought to bear on the owner(s) of History to get in line with truth and transparency before a whole raft of millennials take away (more) “facts” that aren’t and information that is corrupt and intellectually demeaning.