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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Not UFO related, but interesting to some visitors here I suspect: NDE study

From my friend Tim Brigham's Facebook page:


UFO photo (from reader): What's your take?

GB sent us two photos, taken by his daughter August 1st, 2015. (He's provided them to MUFON and Bruce Maccabee also.) The photos were taken with an iPhone 5, ten seconds apart, near Columbus, Ohio.

The first one is here:
The second contains a "thing" in the upper left corner that GB thinks resembles a Hershey Kiss with an antenna on top:
I've circled the "thing" for you:
Our photo guy (a media photographer) offered a few suggestions but I'd like to see any ideas from the analytical among you.

So have at it.


A peak of visitors/viewers -- from MyHealthCare.com?