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Sunday, August 16, 2015

I hate to trouble readers here with these non-UFO offshoots, but here's another

The Times Literary Supplement [7/31/2015] has a review by Marina Gerner of John Gray’s book The Souls of the Marionette: A short inquiry into human freedom [Allen Lane, £17.99].

The book presents philosopher Gray’s take on freedom, Gnosticism, robots, and mankind’s future, to name only a partial list of things this erudite book presents.

Gray discusses Stanislav Lem’s 1961 novel, Solaris, “in which a group of scientists examines the oceanic surface of a planet which turns out to be a sentient intelligence that examines the scientists in return.” [TLS, Page 28].

Bitcoins and UFOs….yes, Bitcoins

Bitcoins are the ephemeral currency of the internet, created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008.

A review in the Times Literary Supplement  of a book about the “currency,” Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and digital money are challenging the global economic order by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey (Wall Street Journalist reporters) gives a précis of the “money.”

The review is by David Throsby [TLS, 7/31/15, Trust funds, Page 28].

What ties the currency to UFOs are the nuances of its evanescent state, its promoters, and gatekeepers, but mostly the mystique about its existence.

This from the review…”In essence, the operations of the system depend on the work of the bitcoin community – in particular on people known as ‘miners’ who compete for the coins that are released into the system at regular intervals.”…strikes me a similar to the workings of UFO enthusiasts and is the template for ufology.

Then there is this….”The development of bitcoin is described as the story of a counter-culture, a strange community of ‘libertarians, anticorporatists, crypto-anarchists, utopians, entrepreneurs, and VCs [venture capitalists] … there is a quasi-religious element to the bitcoin phenomenon…”

Sounds like ufology, right?

Near the review’s end, Throsby writes, “Bitcoin’s use as a vehicle fro transactions may expand, but it seems most unlikely that it will become an alternative or replacement for sovereign currency.”

This is the state of ufology: not an alternative or replacement for scientific methodologies and UFOs not a replacement for aeronautics or extraterrestrial research.