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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A sort of confirmation of an alleged Roswell incident

Lydia Sleppy, the telex secretary for Roswell affiliated station KOAT, in Albuquerque, created an affidavit in 1993 stating that while typing in a story from reporter Johnny McBoyle for ABC News in Hollywood, about a “flying saucer crashing north of Roswell” [the so-called Roswell incident] her send was interrupted by “THIS IS THE FBI. YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY CEASE ALL COMMUNICATION.”

Whether this Sleppy story is true or not has been heatedly debated by Roswell skeptics and aficionados for years now.

But, while reading a review [in TLS about the British artist John Craske, 7/24/15, Page 9] there was this…

A promoter of Craske, Valentine Ackland, while engaging in purchases of some Craske art, had this happen, reviewer Alexandra Harris reports:

“In 1941, a telegram from Ackland was intercepted by MI5 on the basis that it looked so odd it might be in code: ‘DARK STORM IS MY PROPERTY’, etc. Was it a communist plot? No just strong-willed Craske fans … [hoping to grab a piece of art before anyone else.”

This interception by the highly secret British agency, in 1941 (!), show that governments were monitoring messages (like the NSA does today) via various transmission methods, several years before the 1947 Roswell event.

Doesn’t it seem likely that the FBI was doing the same here, in the States, and Ms. Sleppy was recounting a real episode, a true government intrusion, in an area hot because of atomic bomb activity and possible Soviet spying?

Just an observation.