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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Flying Saucers Have Landed: A reference to plant pilots (a minor obsession of mine)

Desmond Leslie was a serious man. Why he hooked up with George Adamski poses a possibility for study, which I may tackle upcoming, as a look at the contents of the book pictured here, apart from the Adamski section [Part Two], is full of interesting flying saucer/UFO lore, ancient and modern up to 1957.

Meanwhile, as I traipsed through the book, which is eschewed by most UFO buffs because of the Adamski appellation, I came across this and wonder if any readers of this blog can tell me who the scientist was that is mentioned in this blurb, that I've highlighted with italics and bold font:

"In his book The Riddle of the Flying Saucers Gerald Heard refers to these objects as ‘Thinking Lights’, and puts forward similar suggestions. Other authors, believing that everything which flies must contain a pilot, have said they carry tiny beings six inches in height. Gerald Heard tried to convince us that they were propelled by intelligent insects from Mars. And one scientist, who should have known better, advanced a theory for small intelligent vegetables !"