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Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Typical Day

An odd event from Jose Antonio Caravaca

Location. Villaviciosa de Odon, Madrid, Spain

Date: December 2012 Time: 6:30 a.m. – 7: 00 a.m.

The parents of Carlos Martinez Pedraza was staying at their private villa in a gated community when one early morning they woke up to a very strange noise coming from the garden.

It sounded like many squeals and yelps all at the same time. When they looked out the window which overlooked the garden, they did not see anything. It was almost dawn, so they turned on the outside patio lights and at this point they saw ‘hundreds’ of squirrels gathered inside the patio in the garden.

They were more than mildly surprised as they usually see 2 or 3 squirrels at the time but never this many, it was as if all the squirrels in the area that morning in the patio, all ‘screaming’ at the same time. They didn’t have an explanation. The strangest thing would come later.

When they turned off the outside lights the couple noticed something very strange floating over the garden. It resembled a long thin ‘doll-like’ figure. It had long arms and legs without any apparent muscle texture, it seemed flexible or “rubbery” and floated in a horizontal position facing towards the ground giving the impression that it was carried by the wind, but there was no noticeable wind. It seemed to be faintly luminous that seemed to emanate from inside the figure.

The figure wore a full-body red coverall, its face was very pale and it had a pair of two large round black eyes that appeared to be staring at the ground. It never turned and it was only seen in profile. They didn’t see a mouth or a nose, the red coverall covered the head and they didn’t see any ears. It seemed to be about 3-meters long and floated about 5-minutes over the garden.

All of the sudden the strange figure seemed to turn and vanished in plain sight “as if switching off a light”. The moment the floating figure vanished the squirrels were suddenly silent. It appeared to the witnesses that the bizarre floating being had somehow attracted the hundreds of squirrels.


Oliver Sacks, whose work I've used a lot here, has died.