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Thursday, September 03, 2015

The “insanity” of [Adamski’s] Orthon

George Adamski provided reproductions of his Venusian visitor’s shoe-prints and symbols in a “message” left on a piece of photo stock:

These were displayed in his co-authored (with Desmond Leslie) book, Flying Saucers Have Landed.

But the symbols or “writings” come nowhere near what one would expect from an advanced extraterrestrial culture or civilization that the visitor [Orthon] was said to represent.

The “markings” look more like the scribblings (or drawings) of schizophrenic human beings:

Why did Leslie or anyone else take Adamski's offerings seriously?

Human writing evolved over time and I’ve written about the evolution of writing before here.

Some examples of early attempts by humans to communicate via symbols and writing:

Even primitive cultures displayed a sense of aesthetic decorum, as you can see.

Would an extraterrestrial civilization use math symbols, as some SETI advocates propose?

No. An alien culture would evolve totally differently than that here on this Earth; that is, the emergence of symbols, writing, language, and other modes of communication would develop spectacularly different than what has emerged here.

Even the cultural symbolic differences of Japanese or Chinese (Eastern) writing, on this sphere alone, is markedly different from Western cultures.
(I find no “explanation” as to why this is so. If you find one, let me know.)

How much more so would the writing, if there is any, of alien beings differ from that of Earth?

But even then, one wouldn’t expect the difference to be as hectic – schizophrenic – as that shown in the Adamski/Orthon examples (or other supposed UFO symbols reported).

The Orthon [Venusian] “script” alone should have discounted Adamski’s flying saucer lore. Why didn’t it?